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Organ donation - Gift of life
Aims & Objectives
arrow Establish effective cadaver organ procurement and just distribution.
Set up a system of organ sharing so as to :
box Apply organ allocation criteria (attached as an annexure).
box Provide a system by which immunologically sensitized patients are offered best possible opportunities.
box Minimize wastage of organs.
box Assure quality control by collection, analysis & publications of data on organ donation, procurement & transplantation.
box Increase public awareness.
arrow To Facilitate the availability of organ donors by conduction awareness programs, events and workshops.
To achieve these aims
To facilitate availability and transplantation of organ for organ failed individuals, the process followed is given below :
box Maintain a recipient waiting list of patients referred by hospitals. The recipients will be registered at ZCCK office.
box Allocate organs when available as per the criteria laid down. These criteria will be revised from time to time in consultation with the medical fraternity.
box Facilitate organ retrieval & transport.
box Conduct public awareness programs.
ZCCK will maintain a registry. The purpose of the registry is to collect data for continuous evaluation of status of transplantation in the state of Karnataka. Every recognized transplant center should submit to ZCCK following information every month so as to reach ZCCK by 5th of every month.
box Number of brain deaths diagnosed in the hospital last month (includes all intensive care units & emergency rooms)
box In how many of (a) the consent for organ donation was asked for.
box Organs retrieved.
box Reasons for refusal.
box Reasons if the retrieval did not proceed for reasons other than lack of consent.
box No. of patients with ESRD on maintenance HD/CAPD.
box No. of patients put on the waiting list.
box Total No. of transplantation performed (living related/unrelated/cadaveric) last month.
box No. of applications sent to authorization committee (approved/not approved)
box List cadaveric transplant promotional activities.
box Mention activities of the coordinator appointed by the hospital towards the promotion of the cadaveric programme.
arrow Each center should have “Counselling Mechanism” within their hospitals to address to the needs of families of critically ill patients. Every center should have an ethics committee to address to various ethical issues.
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